Heremites vittatus

Synonyms: Euprepes vittatus; Eutropis vittata; Mabuia vittata; Mabuya vittata; Scincus vittatus; Trachylepis vittata

Common name: the Bridled Mabuya

Conservation status: Least Concern

Distribution: Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey

Size: up to 220 mm

Description: upperside is dark brown with 3 stripes extending from the neck to the tail base and sometimes with a pattern of black spots, there is a stripe on each flank extending from the snout to the hind legs

Habitat: sandy or stony habitats with sparse grass or bushy vegetation

Activity: diurnal

Diet: various invertebrates

Reproduction: ovoviviparous

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